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2021 Enrolled Foals

The following foals born in 2021 have been enrolled into the ORHA Futurity Program and are eligible for showing in the 2-year-Old Prospects on the Rail class in 2023, the 3 Year Old Futurity class in 2024 and the Derby Classes in 2025, 2026, 2027 & 2028.

2021 Rejetons Inscrits

Les rejetons suivants nés en 2021 ont été inscrits au programme ORHA Futurity et sont éligibles pour être présentés dans les classe 2 ans Perspectives en 2023, les classe 3 ans Futurité en 2024 et les classes Derby en 2025, 2026 , 2027 et 2028.

HR DuttonSPS Mega Shine ChicMajor EntertainerAl & Christine Rose
HR Whos My DaddyS
Inferno 66
My Royal LegacyAl & Christine Rose
Noble Star Of DixieSLSC LuceroPocos Dixie QueenAmy-Lynne Hawkins
Chantilly RemedyMSpark TopSaigo Chex GoodAnnie Smith
BarousparkSSpark TopBabouneBarbara Bouchard
Maggie Chex WhizMSpark TopOne Hot Chex KittyBarbara Bouchard
The Code CrusherMPS Mega Shine ChicCodeliciousBill Rinzema
-name pending-SPS Mega Shine ChicCowgirls CourageBill Rinzema
-name pending-SWhiz N YankeeMy Custom CodyChad Thomas
-name pending-SGun DealerUnknownChad Thomas
Dun It RevolitionSGunner Dun It AgainSenoritas RevolutionColie Florica
Snow SmartMElectric SnowJuice PlusDareth Miller
-name pending-MElectric SnowChic Dunit ShineyDareth Miller
-name pending-
Dealer Calls It
SGun DealerDancin In TinseltownDebbie Cohen
-name pending-MThe Wildest ChexGunslittlevalentine Diane Martin
-name pending-SColonels Shining GunRoosters Honey BeeHeather Ruthven
-name pending-MA Vintage SmokeShiney RoosterHeather Ruthven
-name pending-MA Sparkling VintageGunna Slide Me AgainHeather Ruthven & Rachael Ruthven
Spooks Sparkling WhizMSpooks Gotta WhizSparkling CoyoteHeather Ruthven & Rachael Ruthven
To The MaxSMr Electric StarkSurelynickiJerry Patten
Not A Ruf MagnumSNot Ruf At AllGotta Magnum DreamJohn Fletcher
Trashy DivaMGunnatrashyaGotta Magnum DreamJohn Fletcher
Vintage SmokeMA Vintage SmokeGotta Magnum DreamJohn Fletcher
Not A Rue MagnumMGunna Trashy DreamGotta Magnum DreamJohn Fletcher
Spooks Gotta WimpSSpooks Gotta WhizWimps EnterpriseJohn Fletcher
Wimp NeedsawhizeySDunit For WhizkeyWimps EnterpriseJohn Fletcher
-name pending-SLetric N ChicChicrome John Purdie
-name pending-MLetric N ChicElectric EleganceJohn Purdie
The Man Comes AroundSLil Joe CashPay In ChexMartin Audet
-name pending-SSpooks Gotta WhizSCF Choochoo TrainMartin Audet
Smoked CromeMA Vintage SmokeUnquestionably CromeMartin Audet
-name pending-MElectric SnowMiss Creamy StarMartin Corbeil
-name pending-SDunit For WhizkeyMuchacha TorimaPhilip Snelgrove
My Daddys A WimpSWimpy Needsa CocktailLikea Chocolate KissRandy McGuire