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2019 Enrolled Foals

The following foals born in 2019 have been enrolled into the ORHA Futurity Program and are eligible for showing in the 2-year-Old Prospects on the Rail class in 2021, the 3 Year Old Futurity class in 2022 and the Derby Classes in 2023, 2024, 2025 & 2026.

2019 Rejetons Inscrits

Les rejetons suivants nés en 2019 ont été inscrits au programme ORHA Futurity et sont éligibles pour être présentés dans les classe 2 ans Perspectives en 2021, les classe 3 ans Futurité en 2022 et les classes Derby en 2023, 2024, 2025 et 2026.

HORSES NAMESEXSIREDAMOwnerNOMINATOR (if different from owner)
Whiz Fine FootworkMZoom Zoom BoomIne Fine FootworkAdam Brown
-name pending-
Steppin on Berries
SSteppin On SparksCactus BerryAnne Salter Dorland
Voodoos Little StarSShiners Voodoo DrMy Lil ConquistadorBianca TaboneRay Nitti
- name pending - StarrlightwhizzMSpooks Gotta WhizSevens Belles StarrBill Rinzema
Tinsel Town GunGTinsel Towns PrizeDualin Poco GunBruce Brown
Tinseltown Made MeMTinseltown PrizeMarilyns EnterpriseCarlie GilesTony Laros
Mrs DucksworthMDQH Mia Rooster TwoKD Lots A ChexChasity Massena
- name pending - Freddies Special GunSGunners Special NightMiss Chex CashierColie Florica
Mega Shine MagicMPS Mega Shine ChicJuice PlusDareth Miller
Clayboy Lucky PrincesM PP Iam RoyaltyBells ClaboyDeborah Yzenbrandt
Sliding On IceMIm In Trouble DocJacs Foxy DollDwight Lafave
Ama RevolutionMEinsteins RevolutionAmafoxy TooHaley Frey
Spooks Dancing WhizMSpooks Gotta WhizBoonlights DixieHeather and Rachel Ruthven
-name pending-
Peptos Pale Face
SPale Face DunnitML Boonwith FrecklesJen Jonas
-name pending-
Wimpys Lil Dude
MWimpys TinseltownShoulda Been A DudeJerry Patten
Smart RockstarrSSmart SpookSeven S Belle StarrJohn & Sharon Fletcher
Gotta Magnum DunitSPaleface DunnitGotta Magnum DreamJohn & Sharon Fletcher
- name pending -MMagnum Chic DreamLittle Miss WhizzerJohn & Sharon Fletcher
- name pending -MShiners Voodoo DrLittle Miss WhizzerJohn & Sharon Fletcher
Aurora ChexMGreat Red ChexMadeline GunJohn Hanley
GunnatrashtherestSGunnatrashyaResting WhizJoyce PaquetteJohn & Sharon Fletcher
Augangsta ChicMHF MobsterSilverdandy ChicKelly Plitz
Gotta BetSSpooks Gotta WhizBetsys BoomsmalKelly Plitz
PerfectlilgunMColonelslilgunShesaperfectdiamondKelly Plitz
GottaprettyepicdreamMSpooks Gotta WhizGotta Magnum DreamLoris & Amy EpisJohn & Sharon Fletcher
Northern ShineSWimpys TinseltownFiner ShinerMelia BlakelyJohn & Sharon Fletcher
HF Dat GuyGHF MobsterMizz SurpriseMichelle Mailhiot
- name pending -MIts All About SmartFlash Jac OlenaMike Beaver
The Irish MobSHF MobsterMuchacha TorimaMike MuellerPhilip Snelgrove
- name pending -
Dealin Platinum Guns
SPlatinum VintageJodies Sweet DealMohamad Yafffer Tharia
Dunn Saving FaceSPale Face DunnitSV Save Sum CashPat Grochowina
- name pending -
Mr Burst Of Cash
SGreat Sun BurstEL CashierPatricia Carriere
- name pending -
Miss Shady N Gun
MSpooks Gun N CashMiss Shady PinePatricia Carriere
These Gunz R FancySSmokin Silver BulletWP I Could Be GoodSarah Ricker
Susieq TinseltownMWimpys TinseltownSpooks Gotta StarlightSusan Dahl
- name pending -
SS Roosters Resolve
SEinsteins RevolutionSheza Fancy RoosterTony Laros