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2022 Enrolled Foals

The following foals born in 2022 have been enrolled into the ORHA Futurity Program and are eligible for showing in the 2-year-old Prospects on the Rail class in 2024, the 3 Year Old Futurity class in 2025 and the Derby Classes in 2026, 2027, 2028 & 2029.

2022 Rejetons Inscrits

Les rejetons suivants nés en 2022 ont été inscrits au programme ORHA Futurity et sont éligibles pour être présentés dans les classe 2 ans Perspectives en 2024, les classe 3 ans Futurité en 2025 et les classes Derby en 2026, 2027, 2028 et 2029.

Miss Candy CrushMPS Mega Shine ChicCodeliciousAna Zdravkovic
MM Smoke N HickorySSmoke N BoonlightMM Whiskeys LenaCandice Griffin
-name pending-MSpooks Gotta WhizNo Juice MarkCara Brown
-name pending-SChic N Pep PieYtter Major Doc BarDarby Mailhot & Nathan Hanley
Juiced Up Sixty SixSInferno Sixty SixJuice PlusDareth Miller
-name pending-MInferno Sixty SixChic Dunit ShineyDareth Miller
Bullets Kool NovaMSmoken Silver BulletKK Kool N ClassicDebbie Bateman
-name pending-MSpooks Gotta WhizAnna Frozen GunDiane Martin
Wimpys DreamMWimpys Little StepMagnum Ruf BabeEve Pelland
-name pending-MSpooks Gotta WhizGunna Slide Me AgainHeather & Rachel Ruthven
-name pending-MColonels Shining GunShiney RoosterHeather Ruthven
-name pending-MShiners Voodoo DrBabys Night LightHeather Ruthven
A Vintage EnterpriseSA Vintage SmokeWimps EnterpriseJohn & Sharon Fletcher
-name pending-SSpooks Gotta WhizWimps EnterpriseJohn & Sharon Fletcher
-name pending-MMagnum Chic DreamFiner ShinerJohn & Sharon Fletcher
-name pending-SSpooks Gotta SparkLittle Miss WhizzerJohn & Sharon Fletcher
-name pending-MGunnatrashyaGotta Magnum DreamJohn & Sharon Fletcher
-name pending-MLetric N ChicHailey In HollywoodJohn Purdie
-name pending-MWicked As She IsWhizzards GunnerJohn Purdie
-name pending-MLetric N ChicElectric EleganceJohn Purdie
Bout Being SmartSIt's All About SmartFoxy Gun GalLarry & Lynne McDougall
Guns And LillysMGun DealerFlash My LillyMary Tyrrell
-name pending-SSpooks Gotta SparkTinseltown GalMelia Blakely
Gotta Kiss Me FirstMSpooks Gotta SparkLikea Chocolate KissRandy McGuire
JoJos Shining Star
MSpooks Gotta SparkMy Lil ConquistadorRay Nitti
Ice Age Two
SSG Frozen EnterpriseA Lil Step for SpookRay Nitti
Sweet Walla Bee
MWalla Walla WhizJodies Sweet DealRay Nitti
Hes Got CommandGColonels Shining GunCommanding Lil StepRos Northey
Whoa Snow BabyMElectric SnowWhoa Sexy BabySusan Kelly Plitz
-name pending-SSpooks Gotta WhizCustom Made JewelsSusan Kelly Plitz
Sparkling in Jewels
MSpooks Gotta SparkDreamin About JewelsTracy Nelson